Live Now Love Now

The Vortex Purpose

A Vision is given to you, you decided to follow it , to follow and apply, to be nothing and everything at the same time .

Seems like many walls came down and many are to come ...Joy is where it’s at 

Perceptions are an illusion keeping your mind busy ...  knowledge is the biggest hindrance of growth 

Unlearning what was for what’s possible for nothing is in your way but your thought 💭

A decision is neither good or bad it’s only a decision.... So what stops us mostly the feeling of freedom and alignment... The fear of our own power 

We Fear the amplitude of the responsibility at hand of showing up for ourselves ....and others  

For the Greater good of all 

Throughout theses endeavors I will be helping fund Yoga KungFu Youth Projects within my yoga community of god sent Yogis and Yoginis 💜🕉

As well as in raising funds for a Foundation of Osteopathic Dr’s in France  that I am calling forth in expansion and allow the Vision of Treatment for all children

There’s so much FUN in ALWAYS BECOMING 

Start where you are and don't stop because you will never get it done and you can't get it wrong

See you in the Vortex 😎🔥🌈

Follow the RAINBOW 🌈 


Thank You so much for your time and support 







Vortex Style Co.

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